A short, very much unofficial comic published in the Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas in 1997. Specifically, it was a reader-submitted comic for the contest “1st Grand Concurso of Mangas & Videogames”. The top entries were printed in a book that was sold separately under the name “Mangas & Videogames”.

The comics in this context are often outrageous due to their amateur status. This one is quite vulgar and contains sexual references, violence, and crude humour… plus many, many references to videogames and other pop culture (the credits page contains a list of cameos if you missed any!). Some are even very specific Spanish cultural touchpoints, which I have tried to explain in annotation. Anyway it’s some silly fun.

This 6-page wonder was submitted to Hobby Consolas by Jose Luis Platero Pérez. Kasplat translated it from Spanish to English for me (and if I recall, helped with removing text from the scroll on page 1), and I did the rest.

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