In 2016, Sega published a series of 25 comics (plus one bonus) on their Sonic Channel website to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. The comics each centre around a “day in the life” for a different character in the series; originally the website also published a biography of the character and their game appearances. With the tireless help of Horseypope, I’ve translated just the comics into English. They were already printed to be read left-to-right, which helps!

Now I found out when I was almost finished this that these comics have been officially translated through a pack-in with some Tomy toys. But I couldn’t find a scan of these books, nor could I find any other fan translation attempts. Either way, if you’ve seen these before or not I hope you enjoy my translation of them.

The comics have a great style to them, with spot-on designs by Eitaro Toyoda, who mostly works as a level designer on the Sonic games. I love how each has a key colour and uses different shades of it. The gags are pretty good too! Special thanks to Sonic News Network, I used some of their translated titles.

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