Hey-oh! Look out down below! This scanlation is from Yukio Sawada’s Super Mario-kun volume 23. It’s labelled as “Special Stage 3” and tells a new story set in the continuity of the French/Canadian Donkey Kong Country CG animated series from Nelvana et al, as you can see from the presence of Bluster Kong and Candy Kong’s unique design. Mario’s not even involved apart from a tiny cameo. It’s a short story but a bit of silly fun with the trademark SMk puns and comedic action (not to mention cute chibi character design).

This volume has never been available outside Japan (although it may be getting a French and even Spanish release in the future). But with the help of Horseypope I’ve translated it into English for the first time for fans to enjoy. It’s to be read in its native right-to-left orientation. I didn’t have scans available for this so I actually scanned this story myself (with help from SirCathyWise), using an unorthodox technique involving glass plates and a DSLR camera that worked out pretty well, except for losing a tiny bit if the printing was too close to the margin.

I am fascinated by works with multiple layers of adaptation; in this case game series->animated series->manga, so scanlating this was satisfying for me. I hope you enjoy it too. Banana Slamma!

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