My first scanlation! I chose to start with these because they’re very short, only a few panels on a few pages; they’re very simple, being a children’s manga they have simple language and plenty of furigana over the kanji; and the scans I had were very clean, well aligned, very high contrast, which made the typesetting and all easy.

What I’m presenting here is a series of 8 4komas (4-panel gag strips), and 2 picture puzzle activity pages, that went in between chapters in volume 14 of Super Mario-kun by Yukio Sawada, whose main comics were originally published in Corocoro magazine. This volume was a retelling of the story of Donkey Kong Country 2, except with Mario and Yoshi, because they’re the main characters of the manga.

Don’t expect any heavy themes here, especially from the spot-the-difference page. The nature of this manga is visual jokes, occasional toilet humour (not in these, though), and over-the-top comic violence. But, and this is the reason I translated this at all, it is a piece of rare Donkey Kong-related media, and I’m a fan so I was interested in a comic about silly monkeys.

Thanks to Horseypope for translation help and Sircathywise for helping to make some of the English more natural.

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