This is part 8 of the N-Gang comics, published in 2000 issue 2. It’s about Easter, although it’s mainly about eggs. In order to make nice eggs for school, the gang enlist the help of Yoshi and Cranky Kong. Everything turns out fine in the end. Caramelman found the scans and provided the translation, I did the rest.

N-Gang doesn’t get a lot of attention, it’s not as well-liked as the earlier Club Nintendo comics. It’s the result of the new management that took over production of the magazine in 1999. Art was no longer outsourced to Japan and the format changed to the serialised adventures of gamer teens, solving problems in their lives with the help of characters or concepts from Nintendo games. It’s like, symbolic, or something. The comic lasted for 2 years (12 issues).

The stories seem to build off previous installments, with characters, relationships, and concepts being assumed knowledge. To help you out in this case, I’ll explain that the armadillo was introduced in the last issue, being shipped from South America. He thinks in Spanish sometimes. The bully who is encountered in this issue is part of a nasty rival group of teens that the N-Gang clashes with. The Reproducer is a machine that VIP invented to bring game characters to life.

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