This is one chapter taken from the Japanese children’s story/activity book, Mario no Boken Land (Mario’s Adventure Land). The book was written and illustrated by Ritsuko Kawai, the creator of Hamtaro. The scans come from Ragey once again. The book covers various games, from Yoshi’s Story to Wario Land 2, with Mario Party interstitials and also an adaptation of Super Mario 64 that brings Donkey Kong along for the ride. But the one I was interested in was this 10-page Diddy Kong Racing section, which tells a story related to the game through wonderfully cute full-colour art and simple puzzles.

Mario and Peach accompany Diddy on this adventure, and I’ve translated the whole thing into English. Some of the puzzles were kind of untranslatable, but I think the point here is seeing Wizpig the cutest he’s ever been. Read right-to-left, and please enjoy despite most of the puzzles already having been completed by the previous owner of the book! The answers are on the last page anyway if you’re having trouble ;)

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