You might know this manga as the one where all the women have unrealistic anatomy and clothing. But it’s also an adaptation of the Pokemon anime with more personality and realism, as well as cool Pokemon reinterpretations and futuristic technology. Anyway it was localised officially by Viz back in the day, but they left some things out. This release is about translating the pages they cut and the bonus content only found in the Japanese release. They did censor some things too, but this is not about reversing those changes; you can find such efforts elsewhere.

What I’ve translated is mini-comics from all four volumes, some of which are in colour, as well as bits and pieces from volume 4 that were cut to save space. This includes the entire epilogue chapter! [I found out later this did have an official English translation in the volume release, but there wasn’t a scan of that at the time I did this project.] I’ve also included illustrations that were not featured in the English releases.

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There’s more commentary within the pages of this scanlation, but suffice it to say that these translations go towards making a more complete version of Dengeki Pikachu for English speakers. To that end, I’ve also compiled an archive of material drawing from both of Viz’s releases of the comic, Chuang Yi’s Singaporean release that translated an additional two pages, and with my own translations slotted in, to form the “ultimate” English reading experience of Dengeki Pikachu, so all of us here in English-land can enjoy Toshihiro Ono’s work to the fullest. Please check it out, you can download it at the link below.

Download the collected English version here!