In collaboration with I present “Come on, Donkey!”. The official Nintendo “Wonder Life Special” guide—appropriately enough, created by APE—for Donkey Kong (Game Boy), aka DK94, contained this short comic by Kotobuki Shiriagari about Mario and DK Junior having a little adventure together. I.M. Gibbon ( @imtherealgibbon​ ) scanned it for me and I’ve translated it from Japanese into English.

Unlike a lot of manga, this is in colour and also printed in English-style left-to-right. This makes it very natural for English readers to digest. There are a couple of cultural allusions though; big pipes are common in Japanese playgrounds apparently! You might know Shiriagari for his absurdist, surreal manga and art, or you might know him as the guy who did Mona’s comic strip collection for WarioWare DIY (which you can read in English here)! His style certainly shines through in this comic, it’s quite funny. I also like seeing Mario and Junior being pals (and shaving their body/facial hair).

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