This Yoshi’s Story anthology comic was published in the seventh special edition supplement to Club Nintendo, Germany’s official Nintendo magazine, in 1998. It’s interesting to compare it to the Yoshi’s Island comic as by this point, the comics had moved in a different direction and become more silly and surreal. For instance, these comics involve rock concerts and beach parties rather than sticking to the game’s plot.

Supper Mario Broth provided the translation for this one, as well as some nice high-quality scans. One story quotes/reprints part of an earlier comic in the regular run of magazine issues (Super Mario in Wonderland, 1993 issue 3), for which I pulled Opentrain’s translation verbatim.

Said part brings up some inconsistencies, like how the Yoshi in question was an adult but is now a child(?). Bet hey it’s just a comic, you should really just relax. Also, keep an eye out for use of the word “Holerö”. It’s the secret word for the CN comics, essentially a kind of made-up greeting that is often said by various characters. If you haven’t noticed it before, look out for it.

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