This is a combination of two small comics printed in the regular run of Club Nintendo, Garmany’s official Nintendo magazine. Not to be confused with the two-part Ocarina of Time prequel comic in the 1998 Special Edition 9, which has a scanlation at Zelda Legends.

They are called The Gate of Time (6 pages, 1998 issue 5) and The Sleep of the Righteous (4 pages, 1998 issue 6). The first is a weird story that involves Adult Link, Navi, and Sheik telling Child Link about all the stuff he’ll have to do, before he even speaks to the Deku Tree! It’s not really 100% consistent with many actual gameplay mechanisms, and feels like it’s breaking the 4th wall somehow. The second is more straightforward, and retells the beginning of the game pretty much, up to meeting Zelda. They can be seen as following each other, and the Special Edition comics can be read as a prologue to these, forming a progression that introduces the game in various ways.

The writer is unknown but the art is credited to Work House Co. Ltd., Tokyo. Caramelman trnaslated this from German to English for me and I did the rest.

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