A small project, this was a scanlation of a single page of the Club Nintendo (Germany) Lylat Wars [aka Star Fox 64] adaptation, published in 1997 in Special Edition 6. Club Nintendo was the name of Germany’s official Nintendo magazine, and it had tons of fun original comics work in it.

The rest of this comic had been translated already and hosted at Arwing Landing. I noticed that one page was missing so had a quick go at it myself. I was still learning the skills of a scanlation editor at the time so it was good practice.

Sadly Arwing Landing has disappeared from the web, but I saved the scanlated comic files. So I put together a package of these files, with my contribution added in, plus a bunch of other Star Fox comics. You can download this here. It contains: -1992 Star Fox comic, Nintendo Power -1993 Nester’s Adventures comic featuring Star Fox, Nintendo Power -1994 Star Fox mini-comic on back of Corn Flakes box, with Game Watch giveaway -1997 Lylat Wars comic, Club Nintendo Germany (translated into English) -2002 Star Fox Adventures prequel manga “Farewell, Beloved Falco”, Japanese Adventures website (translated into English) -2002 Star Fox Adventures 4koma collection (translated into English) -Plus a random 4koma strip I found somewhere, looks legit