A small project, this was a quick scanlation of part of a single page of the Club Nintendo (Germany) comic “Kirby’s Biggest Case” [Kirby’s Grösster Fall], published in 1996 in Special Edition 3. This one in particular is the second of three depicting Kirby as a hardboiled, lecherous detective with his sidekicks Dedede and Bluefish (the others are Kirby and the Secret of the Glibber, printed in the magazine’s regular issues during 1994 [and scanlated by Opentrain], and The Legacy of Dr Lightningbolt, printed in the 1998 Game Boy Camera special issue [and scanlated by me]).

The rest of this comic had been translated already and hosted at Kirby’s Rainbow Resort. However, one page was partially corrupted and hosted in an incomplete state, so I had a go at scanlating the few panels that were cut off.

KRR is still around and the comic is still hosted there, translated and untranslated. If you want a local copy, all you have to do is slot my page in the place of their page 19.