In 1998, Germany’s official Nintendo magazine Club Nintendo put out a special promotional issue for the Game Boy Camera. Now there was already a GB Camera-centric comic in Issue 3/1998, which I translated here, but this was a whole separate publication with articles and whatnot.

The main feature is the comic “The Legacy of Dr. Lightningbolt” aka Dr. Light (he appears in two CN comics as Dr. Light but for Yoshi’s Bang Cookies and this one they changed it for some reason). What’s cool about this comic is that it both follows up on the “wacky Mario stories” from the regular magazine but also serves as a final part in a loose trilogy of “Kirby detective stories” which are one of the magazine’s overall more infamous comic features. You can read the first here (note the door sign, which is consistent with this comic despite a change in art style), and the second here (I fixed the one page that was broken). A fun little story that fits right in with the normal stuff they were doing, but this time in a separate special issue that meant it was very hard to find.

The other small thing in this release is a photocomic that the magazine staff compiled taking pictures around (presumably) their workplace, about a mysterious man breaking into Nintendo to steal the Game Boy Camera. A fun bit of fluff.

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