I’ve translated other Club Nintendo comics before from German to English. The Game Boy Pocket Adventures comics were bonus features, taking about a quarter of the back page of the magazine. The comics are a loose series of mildly amusing situations involving anthropomorphic Game Boy Pockets. The artwork is by Peter Lohse. They ran in only six issues in 1996-7 before disappearing.

They probably weren’t missed. Maybe it’s because the comics feel a bit lacking, with no punchlines or fun situations; merely a cynical attempt to boost the brand of the Game Boy Pocket line? Eh, they’re cute and they exist so I translated them.

A warning that the final comic page contains some pretty offensive stereotypes with cartoonish Native American and Chinese Game Boy characters popping up. I make no excuses for this and present them as they were originally written, although I think they were a poor idea conceptually.

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