This is a 32-page adaptation of the story of Rare’s Donkey Kong Country 2, originally published in 1995 in Special Edition 2 of Club Nintendo, Germany’s official Nintendo Magazine. It was written by Marcus Menold, John D. Kraft, Thomas Görg, and Markus Pfitzner, and was illustrated by Work House Co. Ltd., Tokyo.

I really like the style of this comic. It contains humour, action, and some game tips and covers most of the adventure through each world, up to the top of K. Rool’s Keep. There were some German idioms that we tried to adapt to English, and I tweaked some things for humour or to make the English flow better.

This was my first big project, while my skills were still developing. I also found a better source of images later and rereleased it using this higher quality source. This is the improved version. Caramelman did the translation from German, and SirCathyWise provided the image for the credits page.

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