A nice Donkey Kong-centric comic with an original story from 1996 issue 6 of Club Nintendo, Germany’s official Nintendo magazine. I translated and edited this myself, with special mention to Twilight Vestige who did her own scanlation of this ages ago. I made some choices with this one that I would do differently today, but oh well.

There’s a metric barrel-load of text squeezed into those little bubbles, but I couldn’t bear to cut any. I tried to spice it up where I could, while staying as true as I could to the original. For instance, there’s a few very deep German cultural references (as usual), which I’ve kept intact and tried to explain with annotations.

I was amused by how similar the premise of this comic is to Tropical Freeze, which was still upcoming when I translated it. However, it quickly veers off with a trip to Washington and then into outer space!

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