It’s another scanlation of comics done from Ragey’s scans! The company Ape did a big 2-volume guide for Super Mario World, which is of course a big, important game.

The guide has a lot of fun extras but also quite a few comics, split over the 2 books. I’ve mixed them up and put together the ones that go together, with the story comic under the Volume 1 cover and the 4koma and bonus bits under Volume 2. The story part is by the wonderful Benimaru Itoh, and part one was actually in English already, which made my job easier. The 4koma strips are by Sensha Yoshida, Tamakichi Sakura (AKA Charlie Nozawa), Yukio Sawada, and Isami Nakagawa, in order of appearance. Some of these are read Western-style left-to-right, others Japanese-style right-to-left. I’ve added arrows at the top of the screen when the reading direction for a section changes.

Please enjoy the colourful artwork and the silly jokes. Yoshida’s first strip opens the 4koma section with a very crude joke, and later there’s one that references a Japanese singer which I’m sure I didn’t fully grasp, but there’s some real gold in here and hopefully you get a kick out of it.

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