The comic scanlations from Mario guides keep coming, thanks to Ragey’s scans and Borp! The guides done by Ape Inc in particular are excellent, and have lovely comics like this one, drawn by Benimaru Itoh. Itoh, also known as Ashura, Benny, or Mitch, has done many Nintendo comics including the Mario World guide’s comic and a full Mother 2 manga, as well as the Star Fox and Super Metroid comics for Nintendo Power. His art style is distinctive and fun, especially when the comics are in full colour like this one!

The comic is also read left to right, so with this translation into English it’s very accessible. It tells the “story” of the original Mario Kart game in vignettes, with plenty of gags along the way. And look out for a whole bunch of cameo appearances on the first and second-last page by Mother, Zelda, and F-Zero characters among others!

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