Another quick comic scanlation here. Again thanks to Ragey I had nice scans of this official Nintendo guidebook. Ape (co-creators of Mother and Pokemon) used to do some totally sweet guides for Nintendo games, Japan only of course. This one is for Super Mario Collection (AKA Super Mario All-Stars) and features a few 4koma gag strips scattered throughout, containing some fun interpretations of the games in the collection clashing, or metatextual comparisons between “then” (the 80s) and “now” (the 90s).

There’s just seven strips which I’ve combined by author. The first three are by Sensha Yoshida and the next four by Tamakichi Sakura, a pseudonym of Charlie Nozawa, the illustrator of the Western-published Super Mario Adventures comic. One of the latter strips is a kind of tribute to Yoshiharu Tsuge, another mangaka that Nozawa must have respected deeply.

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