For various Castlevania releases, Konami hosted a handful of gag comics on the games’ official sites. Most of them were done by Shizumon, who has a recognisable simple art style and mustard-coloured backgrounds, but a few were done by other artists.

12 of the 19 gag strips for Order of Ecclesia and all 18 for Dracula X Chronicles were officially translated to English for the US websites of those games. But there were many, many more that never left Japan. I wanted to read these funny joke comics, so I took it upon myself to translate them!

The covered games are:
-Order of Ecclesia (7 by me, 12 by Konami US)
-Dracula X Chronicles (18 by Konami US)
-Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate (2 strips)
-Judgment (9 strips)
-Lament of Innocence (3 Shizumon strips, 3 other)
-Dawn of Sorrow (8 Shizumon strips, 6 other)
-Portrait of Ruin (10 Shizumon strips, 8 other)
-Harmony of Despair (11 strips)
-Curse of Darkness (11 strips)
-Pachislot Akumajō Dracula (6 strips)
-Pachislot Akumajō Dracula III (5 strips)

These scanlations were originally posted directly to Tumblr, with occasional notes. The master post for this is here.

Note that the galleries below also include the officially translated strips in addition to my scanlations.

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